Are you suffering from Bipolar Disorder?

bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a biological illness that affects your ability to regulate your mood and leads to feelings of extreme happiness, intense sadness, or heightened irritability. It is considered an illness because, like other medical disorders such as heart disease or diabetes, it occurs after a biological change in your body, has well-described symptoms, and […]

Understanding Depressive Disorders

During the course of our lives, we all experience ups and downs. Some days we feel happy and care-free, while on other days we just can’t shake the blues. While we may find these mood changes bothersome, they do not disrupt our lives. It is no secret that a depressive disorder affects a significant amount […]

Understanding Bipolar (NOS)

Depression sucks. How else can I put it? It’s the world’s largest vampire bat. If I had one wish in my life it would be to eradicate depression from the earth. Our planet is a beautiful place. Sure it has problems, but it gives us life with infinite possibilities for change. One day you can […]

Major Depressive Episode Help

Depressed mood is a sustained emotional state that is characterized by sadness, low morale, misery, discouragement, hopelessness, emptiness, unhappiness, distress, pessimism and other related affects that, if assessed in isolation, cannot easily be delineated from the emotional states and is universally experienced by all human beings when faced with life’s adversities. If you are suffering […]

Everything You Need To Know About Major Depressive Episodes

When someone says. “I’m depressed,’ it’s often hard to know exactly what he means. On the one hand, many of us use the word every day as part of casual conversation. We use it to describe the way we feel – down, discouraged, bummed out or hopeless. Almost every one of us knows what little […]